Username (Steam friends-list name): GUITAR GUY

SteamID (Example-STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX): STEAM_0:0:60012581

Who Recommended you to apply (if any): Myself.

Who do you know in Mitches Hidden Servers: Nobody sadly as i meet new people everyday and have a hard time remembering names.

Which servers/games are you applying for admin on: Mitches Hidden Servers. if possible any others I would be eligible for recruitment.

Why do you want to become an admin in Mitches Hidden Servers: I would love to become an Admin on Mitches Hidden Servers to Contribute as much as possible, this is not because of the way the servers are hosted or the admins, but because it is an AUSTRALIAN SERVER, which means good people and great connection. i would love to help contribute in any way to Mitches Hidden Servers and apply myself as much as possible.

Do you agree with what is expected of you at Mitches Hidden Servers?: Yes i do.

(Optional) A little about yourself: I play guitar, sometimes do voice impressions and i have a job and i love meeting new people and getting to know them.

Are you in the Mitches Hidden Servers Group: No, but i would be if you had one or i could find it.

Do you have a mic:Yes

Have you recruited any of your friends or players to Mitches Hidden Servers (please list all):No sorry, but i always encourage them to play on Mitches Hidden Servers as we have an amazing experience.

Have you donated: No