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Thread: Hidden Source Community Mappack

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    Chatman Guest

    Default Hidden Source Community Mappack

    Today i had some freetime and I created a Hidden Source Mappack with some new or old maps.

    • hdn_greenhouse_ghs_v1
    • hdn_manor
    • hdn_manufactory_b7
    • hdn_psychiatry_b3
    • hdn_sacrelige_beta4
    • hdn_lost_v1
    • hdn_reconstructed-wmws
    • hdn_castle_b4
    • hdn_deltalab_b2
    • hdn_dam

    File Information:
    File Name: TerraX Package v1
    File size: 47,9 MB
    Download Link: Download Me

    Test Server:
    Name: =TerraX= Stammkneipe
    Max Players: 10
    Global Ranked: yes
    Pickstick: On
    Selection Method: Weighted
    Limit Bombs: yes

    yours Chatman
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    Radio Controlled Guest



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    Cheesey Guest


    Erm... why??

    Take a look into my sig OR into the Sticky: Custom made maps for Hidden

    There you can download a mappack with ALL custom made maps (except veiko and reconstructed, but you can download veiko as single map. I'll include both in the new mappack )

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    Chatman Guest


    sry i dont saw this thread bevore but my exe compiles the maps and i think it is easyer to install an automatically installer as if you have to copy the maps.

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    Cheesey Guest


    I dont think extracting into a folder is hard to do... however

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