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    Default B5 Changes (may not be 100% accurate)

    What's this?

    This is a topic I've made with the purpose of collecting all the information the developers have now given us access to. It may not be one-hundred percent accurate, so feel free to comment.

    From the bottom

    Map Changes and additions

    -New map; HDN_Decay (already in B4B, however, HDR is not enabled). Dark and very creepy map set in a destroyed building.
    -Manor removed (B4b aswell)
    -HEX_Cooler added to complement the new gamemode Extraction.
    -Most of all old maps have been visually overhauled, also with some random tweaks here and there. (Mainly HDR from what I can gather)
    -All new tutorial maps, which should make the game a lot more newbie friendly.
    -Stalkyard "heavily reworked".

    Gameplay changes and additions

    -Overrun mode removed for manor. No changes to the actual gamemode, however, it's no longer officially supported.
    -You now become support class by picking sonic alarms as your choice of equipment, instead of choosing it as a class.
    - Supply class can drop ammo, which will grant you weighing when other players pick it up. They can resupply themselves, but it won't grant you any weighing. You will be able to throw ammo 1.5times the amount of starting players. (4 players = 6 ammo crates. etc.)
    -Shotgun has been changed; Now shoots faster, as well as in a tigher cone ,but only does 75 damage with a direct hit. Also has a penalty which disallows you from shooting for a set amount of time after you've been hit, which should somewhat reduce WTF-KILLS.
    -You now start with less ammo than before, 1 clip less to be precise.
    -Damage for F2000 has been lowered slightly, and the rifle is now semi-automatic.
    -Low stamina pouncing is currently being tested, which allows you to pounce at reduced power when stamina for a full pounce is not met.
    -The pigsticker has been partly removed and "shove" has taken its place. Pigstick will be available once the hidden reaches 20< health. Shove allows you to "shove" players, either to hurt (over edges fx.) or to scare/annoy them.
    -You can now use the ironsights on your weapons, which grants improved accuracy.
    - IN TESTING: Physics should not be able to do more than 75 damage anymore. This means no more insta-physkills, which is totally fair, considering the fact that the IRIS team can no longer instakill as well. (this might not stay, might not work. Don't quote me on this)

    Other stuff

    -Some sounds have been tweaked.
    -Blood textures have been updated.
    -New music.
    -New languages have been added.
    -The music slider in options now actually changes the music volume.
    -(some?) Weapons have had the visual effect "phong" added, which adds a slight reflection that corresponds with lights. Read the official Valve wiki for more info
    -The Hidden no longer spawns iris gibs when killed by a grenade.
    -Map based loading screens (such as the loading screens in Insurgency and Fortress Forever)


    There may be stuff that's wrong here, or not listed at all, but that's what I've been able to find so far.

    It'd be nice if a dev or a hiddenite could come along and confirm or de-confirm the points, which will allow for a better and more complete list.


    Removed false assumptions, cleaned up some other things and added a new thing.

    *UPDATE January 23*

    Overhauled my grammar a bit :P
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