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Thread: WIP hdn_veikko

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    Sithun Guest

    Default WIP hdn_veikko (Released)

    It is almost done, it got a few quirks i got to work out, but nothing that takes more than maybe an hour or two.

    Attachment 461
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    Attachment 466

    And i dont want anybody to bitch about "oh marmelade, not another warehouse map!" Because it AINT no warehouse map.

    So anyway. What do i do when its finished?
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    what to do when it's done:
    -rename it to mapname_b1 unless you're just plain done with it and can't be arsed to fix things
    -make sure that any non-standard materials, models and sounds are firmly embedded in the .bsp
    -zip/rar it up
    -host it somewhere vaguely functional like filefront...
    -post a link.

    besides that
    look a bit bright.
    screenshot2 needs more info_lighting for those blanks
    gratuitous crate room ftl?
    Custom HUD
    Radio Menu
    Demo Key
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    Sithun Guest


    I might try to make some storage shelves instead. Also, you are right, the lighting is too bright. I'll change that to a darker shade.

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    Cy1 Guest


    This looks really great. Looking forward to try it out.
    Looks like a mixture of sewers and stalkyard, pluss some other fancy stuff ; D

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    Pan the Goat God Guest


    Pan likes high up ledges and pipes.

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    Has some nice architecture in there, if a little simplistic at points. I have no idea of its size so I can't comment on that but I'll assume its about the same as ours. Without a play in it it hard to draw much more from it, but as has been said it seems a little bright, but see my comment below on lighting.

    Don't take all your shots as 617, the shader makes it impossible to tell 'true' lighting or colours, do it as IRIS. Use noclip if you have to fly around to show it off. The other thing that urks me a little is I'm not sure what this place is, there's no one solid theme. What would this place be used for in real life? Is it a warehouse, a sewer?

    What's Veikko?

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    brechtos Guest


    I spy with my little eye a ramp and some barrels on top
    NHe NHE nHE
    look out Iris, incoming....

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    Cheesey Guest


    And if you want to get rid of the HUD and the weapon while taking pictures, just use cl_drawhud 0 and r_drawviewmodel 0.

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    Sithun Guest


    Im so glad that everyone likes how it looks! I'll defenately take some new screenies. I'll also show you guys what I did to the storage room and the lighting.

    Also, about the theme. Its one of Veikko Logistics warehouses, but below its a cellar storage for the people who used to live in the surrounding buildings. Im still uncertain that it will appear as different areas, right now it looks as if Veiko has a slightly less organized extra storage in the cellar. So im going to put in a few doorways to make it look like the warehouse and the storage cellar used to be two seperate areas. Maybe a destroyed wallsection or something...

    Short: its going to be a 40% storage cellar, 40% warehouse and logistics office, 20% backalley.

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    -Silєηt- Guest


    looks like a fun map.... post a download link when its totaly completed

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