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Thread: Uninstall the game

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    farscape Guest

    Unhappy Uninstall the game

    Totaly noob, thats me.

    I want to uninstall the game and install it again, but I cant wrap my brain around it and figure out how. The game is making a lot off clicking sounds, like im pressing the fire button all the time

    Anybody knows what this is? Apriciate any help I can get

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    delete the C:/Program Files/[Valve/]Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods/hidden folder
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    Push the uninstall button while selecting the hidden folder. It's right there next to page down and above your arrow keys... It should be labeled "Delete"

    (note. Some keyboards may have the uninstall button located in other locations across the keyboard layout. If your's varies, dont worry. Just look for it in another location!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by farscape View Post
    The game is making a lot off clicking sounds
    Does this happen on every server? Because I know of one server which tries to open a page with the IE and that makes soem clicking sounds as well.

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    farscape Guest


    It dosent matter what server I join.

    Thx for the help

    Installed it again and it works just fine, just a little bit high ping on most servers (100-150).
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