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Thread: Won't Start In Vista

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    Ze3g Guest

    Default Won't Start In Vista

    Well, as the headlines say it won't start in vista, and i have a completely new comp so i seriously doubt that the hardware is the problem, since i can run Crysis on medium settings for example BUT here's what happens when i start hidden it the steam loading window comes up. Then the screen goes black for about one second. Then the main screen flashes (yes it just FLASHES) up and disappears. Then comes the message "Could not load library client" With the window headline "Engine Error" now WTF DOES THAT MEAN!?!? I seriously need to know PLZ answer

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    Shape Guest


    Sounds like it needs reinstalling to me but hey what do I know

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    salith Guest


    Is this 64 bit Vista by any chance?

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    Ze3g Guest

    Default 32 bit

    i think it's 32 bit

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    xtalapocketl Guest


    Don't blame Vista (64) for this.
    I'm running it and Hidden works fine.

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    download the latest beta 4b full client and install that.
    verify the source sdk base game content files

    make sure you have permission on all the files since vista was really pissy about that last time i checked.
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    Ze3g Guest

    Default Thanks

    thank u for all the help haven't really tried anything yet but hey keep the tips coming

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