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Thread: Problem with joining

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    VoKuHiLa_man Guest

    Default Problem with joining

    Hi guys,
    i've got a big problem with my hidden: source server.
    If no one is on the server you can connect properly but when others want to
    join they get kicked.

    The console says:
    Server returned version -30261, expected 7.
    Netchannel: failed processing message svc_ServerInfo.
    If someone gets dropped the console says:
    Code: state invalid (2).
    I hope u can help me.
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    Knigh7s Guest


    Try this thread.

    on the client side, i'd recommend the SDK base switch, over hl2dm or others.

    since doing this, i have not recieved the svc_ServerInfo error.

    as for the other, i have no clue.

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    VoKuHiLa_man Guest


    thanks ill try it

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