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    Kira Yamato Guest

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    About 4 days ago on December the 23nd I received a beta test invitation for the game called Exteel. So I downloaded it, then installed it, and then I put off playing it for a few days because I was busy with other things. So early tonight I picked it up and started playing it, and oh my god!!! This game is made of pure win, and pure own. It's just a blast to run around in mechs and blow the crud out of things.

    I suggest any mech fan, or anyone who likes to blow things up to visit the Exteel site and sign up for the beta.

    Screen shots: Coming soon

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    Isolation Guest


    Looks like a cross between Gundam and Armored Core. Which is hot.

    EDIT: Looked good enough that I registered and applied for the open beta (I believe).
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    crans Guest


    Oh God, why haven't they replied back to me yet?!

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    Kira Yamato Guest


    I think it took me like a week or more to get my invite so be patient.

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    I've played it for a while now. I must say, I was a little disappointed. Why is it that NCsoft is jumping on the bandwagon of calling something an "MMO" when it's really just a normal lobby-style game finder?

    But, it's pretty fun at the core system. Basically, GunZ Online with robots and large cannons.

    It also took me a while to get the beta invite, patience fellas, sometimes companies actually like to read over their applicants.

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