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Thread: Tweak That Map...

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    Default Tweak That Map...

    Heres your chance people, anything in ANY map* that annoys you from mis-aligned textures and places you struggle to climb to places IRIS can camp that they shouldn't, bang them in here (preferably with a screenie) and I will do my best to sort them out for B5.

    I'm going through all the maps and recompiling them, so ask away. I'm not saying I'll be able to do everything you ask, but the Derelict thread a while back got me thinking you lads probably spot more mistakes in the maps that we ever will so spot away and Ill do my best.


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    scratch Guest


    On highrise there are some pipes which are not lit correctly (origin within brushes), i've posted this a while ago somewhere but you said you don't have the vmf anymore. So, now's your chance, too.

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    I don't have H:S installed (New HD! Woo!), so I'll try to explain this one as best as possible.

    On Docks, near the rear of the first level are two generators, some fences and the stairs up to the green room. Well, it's hella easy to camp in the corner on top of the generator.

    Then on Highrise, when you go downstairs left from IRIS spawn, there's a fence door that people can get behind and camp all day. 617 can't slash through it, so it can kill the game.

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    uhh... I've gotta think about this one. The only map with considerable cosmetic issues would be in derelict... other than that, the issues with origin might be a nice fix

    *cough* stalkyard! *cough*
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    Put a marine clip around the pipes that the hidden can use. In the pillar room i've seen marines use alarms to climb up and camp inside.

    -Fence door in the left tunnel leading out from the spawn is campable.

    Ill edit with more and screens.

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    A marine clip in the roofs of Docks.

    Change the Hidden spawn point in Sewers to the to the ground floor... it would save a lot of hassle, when newbs who barely know how to pounce just crouch in the catwalks.

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    since you've blocked off the top floor in derelict, how about sticking some marine_clips on the rafters in docks? not so they cant even get their heads above that level but so they just can't get ON the rafters.

    going left from marine spawn the tunnel that goes to the catwalk access. you can get stuck between the right hand entrance pillar and the support column that's right next to it.

    could do something similar to derelict's top floor so there's less of a "ZOMG invisibule wall?!" feel to the whole thing.

    the ceiling clip brushes on either side of the bathroom's room roof has these lips that mess up pounces from the roof unless you're right on the edge. it really kills the 'open area' feel when you slam into an invisible wall.

    there's a tonne of props in manor that needs to be throwabled but i think someone's mentioned them.

    from the non-big room hidden spawn that's right next to a pipe, if you go down that pipe you can get stuck on the 'top' of the next pipe's entrance in that junction room. it's hard to replicate but annoyingly permanent when it happens.

    that cafeteria is full of nice bumpable chairs that can't get used to beat people to death with. same goes for the tables tbh.

    i'll get some screenies tomorrow.
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    -Perhaps add some more displacements in the water in sewers? Say in the corners where marines really enjoy camping...

    -What Paegus said, in manor and executive there are many phys props that really need to be made throwable. Maybe make the paintings in manor collidable? It kinda needs more phys props on the lower floors.

    -On derelict marines can get onto the roof and camp. It's not the roof that bothers me, there's a sort of a corner on the roof that's hard to attack without getting maimed.

    -Make jimmeh collidable with the marines on all the maps!
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    Right, Boxy, My Man! I'm gonna start compiling every single misaligned texture i can find, every single visual bug i can find, and then send it to you this weekend!


    I already know some:

    - The tunnels in sewers should be evened out so you don't slide off the arch.
    - Pretty much every single texture in Sewers is misalgned, in the tunnel areas.
    - The fences in docks at IRIS spawn are floating.
    - The fences on Highrise look very perculiar when spaced like they are. Perhaps make som more room and align them so it looks good, instead of the spaces.
    - Manor has a bunch of misaligned textures on all the floors, most noticable on the walls.
    - The arches on highrise has misaligned textures, at the pool.
    - Sewers should either have some more displacements for the hidden, or some more pipes. As it is now, Sewers is a newbie killer, and extremely hard. Perhaps even add another hall or two?
    - More throwable objects in Derelict, or perhaps spread them more.
    - The wall textures on Derelict next to the small shack looks very odd, they're also next to the IRIS truck. (the one with the arches)
    - The holes on the top floor in Derelict should have custom made hitboxes instead of the square ones. I find it pretty much impossible to get up without using the middle hole.
    - Fix the moving trashcans and jumping cars in Derelict, docks and Traindepot.
    - Remove the trashcan camping spot in Derelict.

    That's pretty much it for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.SharK
    - Fix the moving trashcans and jumping cars in Derelict, docks and Traindepot.
    I kinda forgot how fun those bugs are...

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