Things not to suggest :

For 617 to:
  • Have ranged weapons such as sniper rifles, crossbows or throwing knives. (except of course for his pipebombs)
  • Become more visible in anyway such as flickering when shot or when attacking.
  • Have mid air pounce making a return.
  • Have a variety of grenades, such as paint/flash/smoke.
  • Become a beast or animal with claws, the Subject is a man, a messed up man.
  • Have a self destruct mode in a fashion similar to Predator.
  • Have any method of one hit kill other than the PS - Such as neck snapping / grabbing / anything else like it.
  • Ever have heat seeking nukes (or anything else along those lines)
For IRIS to:
  • Have any more weapons (of any form).
  • Have chemical\paintbombs or any device such as IR equipment to aid visualising Subject 617.
  • Have melee weaponary such as a knife when ammo is depleted.
  • Have more ammo to start with than now.
If you want your suggestion to be read, make sure it's readable and understandable - if the dev team can't figure out what it is you're suggesting after a single read of your post, we'll just say no and move on.

Think before you post - we are not Splinter Cell, we are not AvP - just because you liked a feature in one of those (or any other game) doesn't mean it will work here.

We don't care what justification you have for thermal goggles or arse launched nuclear missiles - it's a no.