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Thread: Problems with dedicated server

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    Unhappy Problems with dedicated server

    I just tried to start my own dedicated but there are still Problems with it ...

    Actually my network isnīt that easy so I do my very best but it doesnīt work. I have a NAT Router (german Telekom Eumex) which connects on the internet and afterwards a hardwarerouter (Linksys WRT54G) which splitts the connection to three pcs.
    Rigth now Iīve opened the ports on the hardwarerouter which Iīve found for HL (actually the ports: 1200, 27000-27015, 27020-27039) and especially the ports 1200 and 27015 on the nat router.
    On LAN everything works well but if I try to connect over the internet by console command (connect he canīt find the server.

    Does Hidden use ports which I didnīt open or whatīs wrong ?

    I could open the other ports on the natrouter too but I canīt open areas of ports so I need to insert each single port. I wonīt do this if I donīt have to.

    Hope someone can help me :-)

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    you will need to
    1) make sure the Linksys router's WAN port has a fixed IP as far as the Eumex router is concerned. no DHCP because that ruins most port forwarding.
    2) make sure the computer running the dedicated server has a fixed ip as far as the Linksys router is concerned. against DHCP is evil... at least for dedicated servers.
    3) forward the UDP game port (usually 27015) on BOTH routers to their respective destinations. on the Eumex it will forward to the Linksys' ip. on the Linksys it will forward to the server computer.

    though i'd strongly recommend effectively, if not physically, getting rid of one of the routers.
    if possible set the Eumex router, which i assume is a cable/dsl modem router combination, to just bridge the networks and essentially act as nothing more than cable/dsl modem.
    alternatively, if you can't figure that out or it's not possible, you could connect the Eumex router's LAN port to one of the Linksys router's LAN ports and then just use the Linksys as a glorified switching hub. Though i'm not sure what impact this will have on any wireless connections. the WRT54G has programmable firmwares that let you play with it's abilities to your hearts content so it shouldn't be hard to have the wireless network integrate relatively seemlessly with the wired one even though they're not then connecting to the WAN port. don't ask me how to do that though... i don't have one.
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