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Thread: Post "Hidden : Source BETA" bugs/issues

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    Default Post "Hidden : Source BETA" bugs/issues

    Okay, with the release of the Beta almost upon us, I have cleaned out the bugs folder of all the old stuff and now ask that after some good play sessions that you may all prise yourselves away from the Hidden (just for a short while) to post any bugs or issues that you may have come across. Just to help cover ground we have already been over the team have already aware of the follwoing issues:

    • The animations can sometimes get out of sync with the player if hammered repeatedly. For example the shorgun reload sometimes misses shells on reloading, the kabar will sometimes not play the pig sticker move or the standard swipe,however it is rare and believe us it is DOING it in the code.
    • The last grenade the Hidden throws must be a 'tap' throw to work, do not cook it else it is not thrown.
    • Sometimes players joining a server late will be considered alive to the server even though they are not 'in game yet'. This can lead to the round not restarting even though the Hidden may have killed all Marines 'in game'. No need to report this, it has been fixed for the next update.
    • "Living" spectators can be killed by pipe bombs - this issue has been *resolved*, no need to continue reporting it.
    • The HUD can sometimes be mis positioned. This is a Source engine problem, and happens in CSS and HL2 as well. Try HUD_RELOADSCHEME to rectify, although results are not always satisfactory.
    • Players can see blood coming off the Hidden when they are watching the event, however the shooter cannot see blood spurts that they caused.
    • Occasionally the client will have a memory crash and will drop the player back to the desktop at any stage during map loading. Perservere, more often than not joining the same server a second time will connect with no problems.
    • Occasionally Dedicated server games will have a loss of ambient sound, although you proably wouldnt have noticed if I hadnt told you.

    Ill more than likely try to add to this list as we go along, so we dont waste threads and threads going over old ground, but for now, if your bug is not on this list, post away, see who bites...
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    Kinetic Guest


    With the Release of the beta 1a, a new bug seems to have surfaced. There are a ton of rounds where the marines will spawn but no hidden will be picked. The only way around this bug is to changemaps or have the marines kill themselves. Please fix this bug as it happens a lot a ruins the play experience.

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    Tinfoil Guest


    I get a CTD when I try to join a server.

    win xp
    2.8 ghz cpu

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    Vek Guest


    * You bounce around a lot nearby teammates when everyones running in a pack. Mods like CS-S don't do this to me.

    * The pig sticker-animation bug happens *every single time* if you hammer it a lot. Especially on 150-200 ping server. Prediction code again.

    * When the round starts, often there is no hidden, or he is already dead, but shows up as alive in the scoreboard, and the time has to run out before it will reset.

    * It will choose some guy and not print his name in the scoreboard. Perhaps the last guy joining. I dunno. But there'll always be about 9 names visible, in a full 10 man server. if he is The Hidden, it looks like there is no hidden.

    There are other various issues about selecting the hidden, etc.

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    Lethal Aims Guest


    A couple of times the round ended early with the Hidden winning even though there were marines still alive and plenty of time on the clock.

    Agree with Vek about the pack bouncing about a lot. It is particularly awkward to get through the double doors. If the doors shut on you you get crazy map clipping until you re-open them.

    After a map change marines who are slow to elect their class end-up sitting out that round. A little more time needed?

    Think I had stuck looping ambient sound on one map.

    I don't get to be the Hidden all the time.

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    For some reason when I select spectate next round im back on a IRIS team.

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    bogie Guest

    Exclamation Not Compatible When Teamspeak is running.

    The game fails to run with teamspeak running and comes up with an error. Exit teamspeak and it runs? Weird.

    Have also found a bug where Hidden does not materialise so u are sat around waiting for the map to change and everything is reset.

    Other than that its a fantastic mod. I think the hidden should have a machete rather than a pissy knife though and squad members need to be able to sprint to get out of sticky situations. Also how about the hidden being able to climb walls like a spider and throw stones and tins to distract players!!!

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    Yeah this is true. For now, can I try and make people more aware of the console command 'kill'. Everyone can then suicide instead of waiting x number of minutes for the round to reset. This also obviously applies to when there's only the Hidden left in a round as well.

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    Kitty_Loaf Guest


    I found some other quirks.
    You can't mute specific people's mic yet (man some people can get annoying)

    If someone wants to put TK penalty on their server, it won't work because (it seems) that the hidden is actually a marine (when a marine kills a hidden, the next round the previous hidden can actually Kill, set a-flame, slap, etc. the current hidden).

    Sometimes people spawn in the exact area they were standing in the previous round. This can prove pretty bad if the hidden is spawned inside the marine spawn (since the marine kills the hidden and moves into the spawn or something)

    All i can come up with right now...

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    Kitty_Loaf Guest


    Also, sometimes the round ends prematurely and it says the hidden wins when there are still marines moving about, hell... i've won and then run up to a marine and danced in his face, iono if he still saw me though...

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