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Thread: Post "Hidden : Source BETA" suggestions

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    Default Post "Hidden : Source BETA" suggestions

    Okay, with the release of the Beta almost upon us, I have cleaned out the suggestions folder of all the old stuff and now ask that after some good play sessions that you may all prise yourselves away from the Hidden (just for a short while) to post any suggestions that you would like to see in future releases. Just to help cover ground we have already been over the team have already declared that Subject 617 will be unlikely to, if EVER:

    • Have ranged weapons such as sniper rifles, crossbows or throwing knives. (except of course for his pipebombs)
    • Become more visible in anyway such as flickering when shot or when attacking.
    • Have mid air pounce making a return.
    • Have a variety of grenades, such as paint/flash/smoke.
    • Become a beast or animal with claws, the Subject is a man, a messed up man.
    • Have a self destruct mode in a fashion similar to Predator.
    • Have any method of one hit kill other than the PS - Such as neck snapping / grabbing / anything else like it.
    • Ever have heat seeking nukes (or anything else along those lines)
    The IRIS members will be unlikely to, if EVER:

    • Have any more weaponary.
    • Have chemical\paintbombs or any device such as IR equipment to aid visualising Subject 617.
    • Have melee weaponary such as a knife when ammo is depleted.
    • Have more ammo to start with than now.
    Ill more than likely try to add to this list as we go along, so we dont waste threads and threads going over old ground, but for now, if your suggestion is not on this list, post away, see who bites...
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    I would LOVE some form of game mode that could be used in a team tactical outlay. One it which clans could play against each other. This would increase the mods "sellablilty".

    Even if this game mode is a simple Team Survivor Type match, 5x617(only one plays at a time) v 5 mariens. then swap after like 10 rounds.

    That would open it all up really well. I know the TDM current mode is the primary goal for the mod, and that it should stay, but im sure there would be many people being interested in playing the game on a competative basis.

    Would be a nice option to give the community
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    Here are a couple of my suggestions;

    -Add a slight view jar when the hidden hits someone with the knife, like when you hit one of the friendly npcs with your crowbar in hl2 sp, it would make the knife feel a bit more powerful, with more *omph*
    -Custom weapons sounds would be nice, even though they are hard to come by, it just makes that leap away from the SDK defaults a little bit further.
    -Soundscapes in the maps, please add them, they will give much more atmosphere and depth to them, because sewers without echoes seems weird.. Hell, I'd even write the scripts for you guys based off the noises I hear from the Ambient_generic sounds.
    -617's hands make him look like a drug addict, maybe make the fingers less boney? Just a suggestion.

    Thats all I can think of at the moment, but rest assured I'll come up with more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiggle987
    -617's hands make him look like a drug addict, maybe make the fingers less boney? Just a suggestion.
    I think they have pumped enough stuff into the poor bastard to make a drug addict vomit. Besides, I kinda like it. Though on my comp the hands a funky and shine like he has put some oil on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxy
    with possible exception of a rifle such as FN2000.

    As for my suggestion, I would like the doors on Executive to not close automatically. I want this for 2 reasons:
    1. The door closing blocks off an escape route
    2. It makes it very hard to stealthfully get inside the central office where the marines like to camp.

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    If the doors dont shut the area portals that they use will always be open, this means a LARGE portion of the map will be drawn to ALL players, and Executive will be even more of a FPS robber than it is now! There used to be no doors there, as a rule we do not like doors in MP maps, its no no, but to keep fps up we had to place doors in that utilise area portals. Sorry...

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    I forget how to do it, but couldn't you make the doors reopen if someone walks into them whilst they are closing?

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    copy/pasted form another of my posts

    more violence,,

    innovative ways to kill as the hidden:

    here are my ideas:

    i think in an earlier edition the hidden could hang the marines? bring that back..

    throwing knives...

    the AIDS as a throwing knife (a pen filled with aid infested blood...decreases 1 hp per second) -i might get a lot of shit for that...oh well...


    decapitation (although because of current times, this might not be good)

    cutting off arms and legs...



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    First post of this thread said: NO ranged weapons for the hidden.

    Round 2:
    -Map changes at the end of the round, not in the middle of it. Like NS.

    -Add a bit more power to the hiddens leap. I seem to be doing about half the distance (and that's with me looking at a 45+ degree angle up) I was doing in the taster by jump-leaping.
    Is it possible to make it so the hidden can only leap once in the air, and then has to land on solid ground in order to leap again? This would allow jump-leaping to remain but would remove mid-air-leaping/flying.

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    A note on areaportals:

    They do vis-culling EVEN WHEN OPEN.
    Sorry I'm so loud, but I absolutely must dispell this myth.

    1. Areaportals calculate what leaves you can and cannot see through them, and stop the rendering of those leaves. (Whereas normally, you may see leaves that the current leaf can see, but you personally can't.) In maps with awkward leaf-structure, areaportals can help by this alone.
    2. They will also cull models not seen through them, and won't draw world faces not facing you.
    3. If you're not looking at an areaportal, i.e. it's off the screen, it won't render anything behind it, which is almost as good as it being closed. (Still a small cpu hit, because the portal is calculating what leaves you can see, but in practice, I doubt it'd be noticeable on anything faster than a 633.)

    Hence, the doors CAN be left open. Weee! In conjunction with hint brushes (to take advantage of point 1), well, you can do the rest.
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