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    Default FAQ Server Setup Page

    1. STEAM_0:0:4427068

    2. Whenever I try to click the link "How do i setup my server to work with hidden stats?" at it just reloads the page and nothing changes. I have tried firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. Is something wrong with it, or am I just really stupid?

    When I try to go to I get this error line
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /mounted-storage/home21a/sub001/sc16282-KEHL/ on line 493
    Any Help would be appreciated

    3. Firefox
    Internet Explorer

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    You are the ideal bug reporter


    The bug reporting page is down, I assume raider broke it since I havnt touched it and it worked last time I looked.

    And the page seems to be dead atm - the database machine is fine though so blame servage for being gay.

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