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    Version 108
    Chilly - 20th May 2007

    • Fixed the daft display of large numbers on the page. 1.668E+6 is now 1.7M, as in 1.7 million/mega

    Version 107
    Chilly - 8th February 2007

    • Added search to the front page, nick and steamid.
    • Tweaked some backend code for performance.

    Version 106
    Chilly - 28th October 2006

    • Added several new front page stats modules, including the 5 most recent kills
    • Purged historic data older than 25th October 2006
    • Nailed a bug that was causing blank kill lines to be inserted into the database when a player had <3 in their name.

    Version 105
    Chilly - 26th October 2006

    • Nuked the global ranking list.
    • Added a player search function (by nick or steam id).

    Version 104
    Chilly - 24th July 2006

    • Added some new Top 5 modules on the front page. Requests for other "Top 5" categories welcome.
    • Did some work on the parser backend, fixed a bug where a player might not get logged upon logging into a server

    Version 103
    Chilly - 24th July 2006

    • Changed server ranking algorithm to be more fair and accurate, it now is based upon kills per server, instead of lines of logs received per server, which was unrepresentative due to some admin plugins (mani) spewing out vast amounts of log lines every map change (up to 100 a change). The new system is based on a more directly related metric to populairty and thus should present better accuracy.
    • Fixed a few bugs with ranking reporting (some ranks being based on kills, some on kills-deaths). The standard is now kills-deaths.
    • Fixed a bug where when an IRIS killed a Hidden, (s)he would only get one point, not two. This will have significantly changed the rankings where players were close together.
    • Implemented the awards section in the personal profile page. Ranks can be gained by increasing score, more will be added shortly. Suggestions for awards (feel free to suggest silly/funny awards) are welcome.

    Version 102

    • Changes Mysql row counts to a count table for performance
    • players.php Coded
    • servers.php Coded

    Version 101

    • Created Theme
    • included statsfunctions.php
    • index.php layout designed
    • index.php leader board coded
    • index.php Global Stats Coded
    • index.php Site Changelog (basic html, needs coding)
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