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Thread: Probably a simple answer but..

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    Disabl3d Guest

    Default Probably a simple answer but..

    My question is, with Mani-Mod, how do you make it so when people join they dont have to download all those sound files that comes with mani-mod. Like the "hello" and "move" sounds. Their unnecissary and is just another thing to download from the server which makes my server's latency crap..

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    SynxUK Guest


    Remove the sounds from the server. As in, delete them.

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    Disabl3d Guest


    thats the only way?

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    SynxUK Guest


    Sorry? Was you looking for and even simpler way? It's about as easy as it gets.

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    Im sure there is a way of shutting them off, we turned them off on the old Hidden servers we used to run for the Hiddenites. Its in the mani.cfg or something I believe. And for the peons(like me!) that hate downloading that crap when joining the servers that have them on, cl_downloadfilter none is your friend.

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    SynxUK Guest


    But that only stops the download for those with the filter on.

    Removing them ensures no one has to download them.

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    ThunderDan Guest


    I believe this is your simple answer - that boxy refered to.

    // mani_sounds_auto_download is a cvar to control whether server sounds
    // (not quake sounds) are auto downloaded to a client. If set to 0 you must
    // provide your own .res files to initiate transfers to a client.
    // If you change this value from 1 to 0 while the server is running you
    // must restart your server.
    mani_sounds_auto_download 0

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    mullen1200 Guest


    Mani causes hell with hidden servers, so I wouldnt use it anyways, lots of thing causes the server to crash in it.

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    ThunderDan Guest


    Mani is awesome you just have to update it between new hidden releases - the gametype.txt file is usually all that needs editing.

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    SkaveRat Guest


    and you have to delete the TK punishment system. Just forgive and slay works, the other things don't work and sometimes crashes the server

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