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Thread: 1 Player Server?

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    kingubu Guest

    Default 1 Player Server?

    I want to start a server with just 1 player slot so I can jungle gym around the maps to get familar with them.

    The problem is that I start the server and it keeps saying "need 1 more connected player to start" even though I've set Max Players to "1".

    Is there a server variable that can be set to play a map with just one person connected?


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    Isolation Guest


    Open console, type sv_cheats 1, then bot_add. You'll have an idiot bot running around, but it's the only way.

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    kingubu Guest


    Thanks again!

    That did the trick. Is there any way to make the bot never be Hidden?

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    SkaveRat Guest


    Dunno if there's a command for that. But if you're IRIS, just type in console "mat_wireframe 1" and you can see the hidden. Should do the job

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