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Thread: Intentional TKer on Primefarms #5

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    kingubu Guest

    Default Intentional TKer on Primefarms #5

    Primefarm Hidden B4 #5 8:55pm CST
    # 110 "MilitaryT0m" STEAM_0:1:1197461 40:03 148 0 active

    Here's the demo:

    MilitaryT0m intentionally team wounded me in spawn. I started the demo and told him in voice chat that I was recording a demo and he should not do it again. The next round he does it again. And when I follow, he TKs me on the spot. Then boasts about it in chat.

    If there's a better spot to be posting this, please let me know.
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    SkaveRat Guest


    you can't post better.

    He's banned from our server

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    B.Diamonds Guest


    He has been banned from our server a few times for being a ŠĶĒK. keep an eye on him he tends to cause problems.

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    Cheers for that mate, I'll see he is banned. Also, did the auto-TK protector not kick in and boot him?

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    kingubu Guest


    Don't know for sure. I disconnected right after the demo. But I did notice he was gone from the server a few minutes later when I went back to get the server name and look for a motd URL or something to report to.

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