ya heard me, I dled the newest update, installed, joined server, played for less then 1min, and experienced nice fps drop spikes, my fps drops from 50 to 10~ for +10-+30secs. And it happens between like 1-2mins, so it's soo damn buggin my gameplay :/ I seriously can do nothing, U cant aim with 10fps, you cant hunt the hidden with 10fps, you dont see around you with 10fps.

So did you guys do something wrong or is it just me? :'/ I didnt have any problems with the previous version and now this, even the damn startup menu is lagging me out ;FF I even changed my settings to smaller, shutted down some programs that were usually on when I played the previous version , programs that might eat my RAM, and non-work'd

I'm running with AMD sempron 3300+, 2.01GHz, 756RAM and Radeon 9800 pro