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Thread: Banned for TK on smokeys

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    Pvt.Postal Guest

    Default Banned for TK on smokeys

    Im relatively new to this game and just got banned for TKing on smokeys server, im not trying to use being new as an excuse cos it isnt, but i just wanted to find out about how to get unbanned?

    I had only just joined the server, 2nd round i think, when as i ran from spawn i was injured from behind. This game still holds a certain fear for me so i spun round and was relieved to see it was just a teammate having "accidentally" shot me. I turned to leave and was again shot. This happened 4 or 5 times and i turned and killed him. At which point i was banned.

    I know i should have abided by the rules but i dont actually know how to use the system to report people. For a start i cant work out what is meant by a 'demo'. If i could somehow earn back my priviledge of playing on Smokey's server that would be great, but if not then could someone at least explain how i report people for team wounding and team killing? Along with how to make a 'demo' of this.

    Any response would be much appreiciated,

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    Veon Guest


    Delibirate teamdamage is not allowed

    Tking on smokeys = Permafrosted.

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    scratch Guest


    You don't get banned for just one tk. Why not tell us the whole story?

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    It was me that banned you mate and as unfortunate as it is, we can't allow any kind of TKing. The MOTD that you HAVE TO click 'ok' to when you enter says no teamkilling/wounding. We've even gone so far as to put no revenge tking as well.

    Your steamID won't be published here so theres plenty of places you can still play and they might be understanding given how new you are. A ban on smokeys is a permanent thing however and we can't really unban you and not unban everyone else whos been banned for doing it.

    Sorry about that but you'll be fine. Theres plenty of good euro servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scratch
    You don't get banned for just one tk. Why not tell us the whole story?
    You do. ANY deliberate TKing will result in a ban.

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    Pvt.Postal Guest


    ok, thanks for explaining.

    can someone explain how i go about reporting TK-ing in future so i dont end up messing up again?

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    Pvt.Postal Guest


    Sorry to sound like even more of a noob, but whats an MOTD?

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    Get in the console and type "record [demoname]" without the [ ]s or "s

    This will start recording a demo with the name you've given.

    When you're satisfied you've got the evidence - type "Status" without the "s again in the console and then type "Stop". The demo will be in your hidden folder.

    edit : MOTD is the message of the day you see when you log into a server.

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    Pvt.Postal Guest


    i know that i now sound like even more of a complete loser... but... what's the console? And how do i get to it?

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    SkaveRat Guest


    open steam
    rightclick on Hidden:Source
    [...]Startoptions (or sth like that)
    type in:

    should work. (if you press esc. ingame you should have a console)

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