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Thread: Custom made maps for Hidden: Source

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    scratch Guest


    I guess you want to be credited for it?

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    Cyborg Guest


    woot woot, im numba 1!

    the original mapper was : Mxthe, downloaded from

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    scratch Guest


    Cybord: Lucky guy, it's just alphabetised.

    Isolation: I'll put your new version in as soon as you publish it. If i would include everything which is under construction right now, this post would become a bit too huge. Just want to keep it clean.

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    Prowl Guest

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    GIGAR Guest


    How goddamn hard can it be, to see that it's a G?!

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    Jun 2005


    Btw im the guy that ported Holm.

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    GIGAR Guest


    Ok, I've made some small modifications to my map, and re-uploaded it...
    (The only major change is, that the water now works *horaay* :D)
    Plus, I added JIMMY!!!

    Rapidshare download link
    Ihud download link
    Filefront download link

    If you can't download from even ONE of these download links, you should consider shooting your internet provider.
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    scratch Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by GIGAR

    How goddamn hard can it be, to see that it's a G?!
    Sorry, but you chose this strange name.

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    Isolation Guest


    Re-release of Mobscene "classic" in case any server admins want to add it:

    Mobscene SE will soon replace it though, so don't get to attached to it .

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    iamacup Guest

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