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Thread: Custom made maps for Hidden: Source

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    scratch Guest

    Default Collection of custom maps for Hidden: Source

    Still some links missing / non existant. There are some more maps out there, if you have a link or two post it.

    This list only includes already published maps. Very small and beta maps can be found at the end in a summarized list.

    • 08/26 - New Download mirrors added
    • 09/15 - Updated hdn_dispatch to B4b release, added hdn_sacrelige
    • 03/16 - Added hdn_dispatch (Dark Soul, he must be bored xD), polished the list and removed all broken download links

    If you just want to download maps without reading my comments or visiting the respective forum topic (or if a download link isn't functional), take a look at these sites: (full mappack, thx Cheesey) (single maps, thx Cheesey)

    Alright, here we go:

    List of unfinished (beta) and (very) small maps. These maps need far more work to be enjoyable, either regarding eye candy, gameplay or even both.

    • hdn_castle_b4 / Author: Hyp-R / Forum
    • hdn_cemetery / Author: TinyBruce / Forum
    • hdn_crossroads / Author: WatchMaker / Forum
    • hdn_directlight_b3 / Author: Doom / Forum
    • hdn_gotica / Author: Dark Soul / Forum
    • hdn_megamaze_v3 / Author: Gigar / No Forum link / Download
    • hdn_narrow / Author: Veon / Forum
    • hdn_SeaMadness / Author: Veon / Forum
    • hdn_Silo_Omicron / Author: cyNickal / Forum
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    TinyBruce Guest


    hdn_cemetery is out now

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    WatchMaker Guest


    This thread should really help when we get our site up and running, which should be kinda soon! Thanks.

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    And, even though it's not a custom map, the original Stalkyard from the taster days.

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    scratch Guest


    Thanks for the links Dark Soul and Night Raider. I've searched the mapping forum when i started this thread, strange that i missed the hdn_jungle thread.

    Anyway, i've updated the post. Thanks.

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    GIGAR Guest


    Omg haxx, mine (hdn_megamaze_v2) isn't there omg cheat! :p

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    scratch Guest


    It isn't only your map missing. Some servers have exotic maps in their map rotation i've never seen or read about before. So i have to rely on you guys to give me some more information about it

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    The origial maze was mine, but it died when i was too lazy to finish the map

    Quote Originally Posted by Ging
    Please, if you find anything in the form of a command or specific action that would work as an exploit (such as making 617 more visible), please PM the issue to a member of the dev team and do NOT create a thread about it.

    Such threads will be edited or deleted with out notification and you will be informed of your general level of stupidity if you question why it's happened.

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    Isolation Guest


    I removed the link to Mobscene due to a new version coming out eventually. You can change it to "hdn_mobscene_se" and list it as "coming soon".

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