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Thread: Crash bug SOLUTION!

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    KrazyWolf Guest


    I don't know if you didn't notice but I have a laptop, GC change is impossible lol. Anyways, So should i put the dxlevel to 70? or what do you recommend?

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    mullen1200 Guest


    I just want to post that I was having this problem, and the solution fixed it perfectly. A+++ to original poster, Hope ya wina trip to hawaii!

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    ThunderDan Guest


    Laptop - hmmm... some how I missed that... It could have been the misleading use of the word laptop or mobility radeon, or maybe I'm stupid, but anyway.

    This page has a decent explanation of the different levels - link

    This site shows that the Radeon 9000/9100 IGP defaults to 70 for HL2. The card technically supports 81 though. Your choice.

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    KrazyWolf Guest


    Hey, Well I deleted the tweaking thing and just moved the files into that /manor folder and everything works fine. I can even run the game in high settings above recommended and it works absoulatly fine. Thank you guys. People like you make our lives easier Keep up the good work.

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    StevenT Guest


    For which version is this "solution" actualy ?
    I am using Beta 4B, quite new to this game and forum (first post).
    I have searched around before posting this post for posts that would answer my question but sadly ...

    My game crashes randomly (to desktop) and without error, i cant even find mdmp files (!!).
    Happened a few times when i press TAB to check out the score between end of round and new round start.
    And i think there is also a server part which makes all clients on the server to crash (??), not sure about this, but i saw everybody leaving and rejoining after i crashed. Will need some confirmation on this last one.

    Anyhow, if I could fix my client side crashing problems I would be really happy.
    They are really random, sometimes i play for hours and hours straight, the next day it crashes after 10-30 mins, then again i can play for a few hours again... The crashing scares me more than getting killed by the Hidden :P

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    Cheesey Guest


    As you might have noticed the first post here was done in 2006, so it's defenitely not B4b! (Might be B4a, but I'm not sure...)

    I think Ging's answere would be something like

    "Don't press ALT+TAB".... you can use the windowed mode if you have to change to the desktop often...

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    I think most crashes happen wheh the Hidden dies while "using" some object. Afaik this is a known issue that causes mass crashing/timeouts.

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    Hannibal Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by -SM-SUCKER View Post
    I think most crashes happen wheh the Hidden dies while "using" some object. Afaik this is a known issue that causes mass crashing/timeouts.
    you can even crash a whole server if you do that.

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    the +using death doesn't crash the client... only the server.
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