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Thread: Mapping For Hidden - A Beginners Guide

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    Isolation Guest


    Okay, I'll try... but, it'll end up being dirty. Needless to say, I was gonna use the word "bum" in the American definition of the word, which is a "homeless man", and the fact that you were getting on and off him... well, you get the idea.

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    Terro Guest

    Default Hi i am MapperNewbie=i havenīt even tried hidden mapping yet!!

    So i like to start hidden mapping but i wanna know first can i do hl2 n.p.c.s like combines and stuff like that if i wanna do coop? and is here any place for upload maps or must i upload it some other place lik ?
    also can i do more than one hidden to map or only more spwan places...?
    there is all

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    Terro Guest


    can somebody tell me? well i am starting mapping anyway...

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    Default is great.

    You can upload to my site:

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    g0kken Guest

    Default Lights in Hidden maps

    Please excuse my bad english.

    I've started mapping for hidden-source and have a question about the use of lights.
    I like making my maps dark to create that scary tention when playing, but my friends complain about the maps being too dark sometimes.
    What kind of lighting do ya'll prefere in Hidden maps?

    I'm not talking about making my maps totaly dark, but I like the attic in manor, where the sealing is dark while the floor is more bright.
    Does this give the hidden too much advantage?

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    Subface Normal Guest


    It was an issue, yes. If you'd like to do a directional light in which the light is pointed in one place but not anywhere else, try using light_spot instead of the standard light entity

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    g0kken Guest


    Yes, I use light_spot. My friends say it generaly makes maps too dark in some areas, but I think that's what makes some Hidden maps fun and scary. I've noticed that IRIS players normaly stay clear of the attic in manor - so I guess I'll just have to use more lights.
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    overkill848 Guest

    Default hex??

    quick question all the hex stuff for a diferent type of gameplay that in version 4b cause i cant find any of those entities

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    Donat Guest


    I'm not too sure but i don't think any of the hex entities are in yet, but it is possible due to other hex things are there.

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    Code's not in 4b, neither are the fgd entries.

    "The enemy gate is down"

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