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Thread: Problem to see the hidden

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    Pazernus Guest

    Default Problem to see the hidden

    ok im having this small problem. in my brothers computer i can see hidden well.
    if i try to look toward it on my comp or it moves a bit(tested with friend) i cant see it at all. in otherwords for some reason i cant see the hidden here but i can see it on dystopia.

    so is there anyway to fix this or cmd to see it atleast a bit?

    im using G-force Ti 4200 as my graphic card

    i have updated my graphic card to the latest drivers it has and it didnt help
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    erikkiller Guest


    MAYBE it's from monitor? I dunno... it can also be from Hidden settings...

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    Pazernus Guest


    i tryed on high on all and low on all and didnt make any change.
    and somewhere i heard it can be from graphic card that some cards wont support this hidden invicible system. but im not sure from it though

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    Puzzlemaker Guest


    Try changing your resolution or brightness.

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    Lord Al Guest


    Its your graphics card i belive upgrade

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    Kendo Guest


    What GFX card does your brother have?

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    PureD Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Al
    Its your graphics card i belive upgrade
    Strangely I have the same problem and it doesnt matter if you have low or high shader details. B2 works perfectly but B3 just doesn't. It's not a graphics card issue.

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    Pazernus Guest


    oh,well i wish its fixed soon because i really like to see the hidden,otherwise its almost impossible to kill it unless like today i run to it and realize there is no wall but i cant move forward

    and im not sure what card he uses,i can ask later from him when his lan party is over

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    T-bone Guest


    I can see hidden Clear as day on my Cheap GF4MX , but i cant see him at all on my 6800 so what do i do? i play with the 4MX instead and leave the 6800 to CoD2 and Quake4

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    M_C Guest


    Define "clear as day"?

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