Hello everyone, I am having a very furious time with setting this up, and I was wondering if anyone could help me.

I have followed this tutorial:
Download HLDSupdatetool.exe google search for it and then download it, once downloaded double click it to install the software but when it asks for an install directory change this to C:/srcds (this is just to make things easier later on) once its fully installed go and download hidden server pack from http://www.hidden-source.com beta 4 now its around 150 meg or so.
Once you have downloaded this (im gathering you are on XP) click Start then Run, in the Run box type CMD and press enter
CMD will now load, you need to type the following

chdir c:/srcds

hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game "counter-strike source" -dir c:/srcds

!IMPORTANT! make sure u use quotation marks around the "counter-strike source" other wise it will loads the cs 1.6 files

now it will come up with a message checking bootstrapper version blahblahblah etc.. this bit is dependant on your internet connection it took around a hour on mine, i have a 2meg line.
once its has completed downloadin all files that is needed it will display a message at the bottom saying version up to date.

now you need to go back to your Hidden Server files that you downloaded earlier, it will be in .RAR format so extract the whole contents to the c:/srcds directory, you'll notice that it will extract into a folder called hidden.

once you have done that your just about ready to run your server, to launch the server go to CMD again, click start run then type CMD and press enter, inside CMD you now need to type

chdir c:/srcds
srcds.exe -game hidden

(if you know how to make a .bat file then you could make one that you can launch form desktop that means you dont have to do this bit)

you'll see the Server console load now, make sure the game is set to Hidden, theres now point in changing the server name etc as you cant do this through here, you need to go into the c:/srcds/hidden dir and edit the server.cfg to set the server name and other parameters, like players, map etc.
set the port through here, most people use 27015
once your happy click start and your server will now be functional!
all you need to do is give people you IP go to http://whatismyip.com if you dont know how to find that out, and add the port that you set on the end of ur ip for e.g

to check your Server is working you can check it through HLSW, if you have a router this doesn't work properly if you type the IP you go from whatismyip.com, you need to type your local IP to see and control your server through HLSW, to find this out go to CMD again and type ipconfig and press enter, you will see you IP address appear you then type this into the server IP on HLSW.

Also if you are using a router, u need to set some ports, if you dont know where to go to set ports on your router, look in your manual but these are the ports you need.

27000-27020 UDP
27030-27039 TCP
1200 UDP
27015-27016 TCP

once you have done this then people can start to access your server over the internet, but if you are just using a ADSL modem, then this wont apply to you, yours should just work fine.
and as you all know, times have changed and dedicated servers have been updated. So now instead of having the cstrike, hl2, bin, and platforms folders along with srcds.exe in the C:\srcds folder, it has been updated to store these files and folders in a folder called "orangebox" in the srcds folder.

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So I download H:S dedicated server files (along with the update and the head fix) and I override the hidden files and combined them into one and placed them in C:\srcds. After that I opened cmd and typed this:
chdir C:\srcds
srcds.exe -game hidden
Once I executed the command, nothing popped up. I took some thought into it and moved the hidden folder from C:\srcds to C:\srcds\orangebox and retyped the command and it executed the "Start Dedicated Server tool".
The only problem was that Counter-Strike: Source was the only game in the game field and not Hidden: Source Beta 4 (as shown in the picture).

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If anyone could please tell me what went wrong or how I should proceed with this problem I would be more then thankful!