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Thread: IRC Channels

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    Not only has Rymdkejsaren setup our official IRC channel, but Xcept1 has also started a uk community channel in preparation for the launch of his community site.

    The official channel can be found on:

    while the uk community is at:

    You'll generally find me idling in both along with some of the forum regulars. Don't always expect an answer from me, if you leave me a message I'll try and get back to you as soon as I notice it!

    No doubt some of the other dev team will drop in and idle around every so often too, but no promises!
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    Xcept1 Guest


    Thanks for the pimp. Hopefully we will be using the channel to set up some community matches. Complete with TeamSpeak and Ventrilo action

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    Doc Guest



    9 10

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    irby Guest


    Weird; I can't connect to GameSurge tonight. I used to use them a while ago until I switched to EnterTheGame.

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    [DTE]Mosimo Guest


    Well I live on gamesurge already some I'm in with the gamesurge one

    Now get to the joining people!!

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    Xcept1 Guest


    Just to let you know, #Hidden.UK has moved to gamesurge also. Its a lot more easier to get the members in.

    So if ya could Ging, update the first post and pimp! Website is being redesigned, prolly about 80% complete so far

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    Rymdkejsaren Guest


    Wait... there's 2 hidden channels on the same network?

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    Doc Guest


    The multiple Hidden bug! It's everywhere!

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    Pytagoras Guest


    I'm there and idling.. whoopee!

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    Rymdkejsaren Guest


    Well we're seeing some more action in #hidden now. Ging lost his auth again (Seerow mentioned something about hostmasks being wonky, dunno if that helps) and today some people actually talked about vaguely hidden-related topics! Weeee!

    Come one come all! You cannot miss another exciting day in #hidden!

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