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Thread: dr.N0s Mysterious Slaughter House COMPLETE MAP LIST

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    Default dr.N0s Mysterious Slaughter House COMPLETE MAP LIST

    LISTEN EVERYBODY..... -_- I think i have pretty much every map that was made for the hidden source and its up on my server eastern united states.
    Id be nice to get some knowledge from anybody and help not only find maps but verify that i have all of them. the map list can be seen at this url which is the message of the day page for the hidden source server im also looking to make a map for the hidden source so if anyone can tell me what versions of hammer were used im gonna try to use that version to configure hammer to make a map. i think that the latest version of hammer no longer works with the compilation for hidden source. i really wish yall had a community driven enough to uphold and update this game. this game deserved to sit right next to fucking team fortress 2 counter strike source left 4 dead and half life 2. it sickens me to not even have a legitimate steam community page for this game, left so fucking underrated! >=[ yet this is thee most incredibly nostalgically built mod utilizing some of the most unique elements the source engine had to offer that no other development team has still to this day ever even came close to thinking about re-creating re-inventing or even implementing ANY of the elements the game has displayed. i know just dabbling in the modding of the source engine that is it not an easy thing or a quick thing to do, so i have NOT lost respect for the game or the devs but damn ive lost the security of this game being able to just last till the end of my life and im 29 years old. i wait for the day this game just DOESNT work at ALL anymore.. it not only makes me wanna cry but it makes me fear the future and thats why im here in the present supporting this game in the united states and trying to just get people back into it before the data of the game becomes completely obsolete and forgotten forever because steampowered sucks ass and doesnt even recognize and cant atleast make a legit page and shit for anyone coming onto steam to just BE ABLE TO FUCKIN FIND THE GAME!! =[ if it was on there the player base woulda blew the fuck up wayy more and it may had even changed your guys futures to which at least things would have been done differently and this game would still some how to this day retain its true infrastructure.
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    I commend your efforts friend - if the game eventually stops working entirely then we may have to flock to a spiritual successor project instead.

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