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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to say a sweet goodbye to this mod. It all but seems dead, which is a shame...

    However, I would rather dwell on the positives. I started playing about 10 years ago after coming out of playing games like CSS, and before that CS 1.6. The hidden provided such a cool concept, it was really the best game I have played where it was many versus the few, or the one. I played lots, especially because I had just finished high school over 2 years ago. I was without work, without an idea of what to do with my life and without a purpose. Until I found a select few who I enjoyed playing the Hidden with.

    So I started a server of my own, in direct competition with the only other 2 servers in Australia (I think they were called Wutangle but I could be wrong), the exact date of the first server I started was 17/11/2009. Which was not the first server I hosted (previously I had hosted CSS and TF2 servers). However, it was the most fun out of all of them that I had ever had.

    I had gained friends from all over Australia and New Zealand who were completely committed to what I was doing. They loved the server I had made for them, the management of cheaters I oversaw, but most of all they loved the game.

    I set up another server on 3/10/2012 in addition to my first one. It was to keep up with the high influx of demand in Australia after PewDiePie promoted it in an offbeat random way, seemingly after nothing had much changed for a while. This was great; an injection of life to the community. Plus many of my existing users had come to love the mods that I had created; custom and only available to my servers that I had written from scratch since 2009... Some of the best mods I made included:

    -Complete ranking system, including best titles for various things such as, most kills, most physics kills, highest rank etc. which included theatrical deaths when killed as the hidden.

    -A handicap system where the highest ranked players couldn't lord it over the new guys. The hidden did less damage against them and the hidden gained less points on my custom made leader board for killing them. That made new guys stand a bit of a chance against my gang of psychopaths who had 200+ hours each, laughing as they gibed the poor helpless IRIS ()

    -A deliberate handicap system, where the hidden could deliberately handicap himself with less damage, health, or remove his visibility completely(!) in order to gain more points on the leader board.

    I played and played, I loved getting back into it after the hiatus of the last few months between when I had grown a bit bored and when PewDiePie had generously offered new blood in .

    I kept telling all the new arrivals that something new was coming, an update to the game, it had been promised and it had been told it was in the works. So I was optimistic about the future of the game. So I played and played and kept belting down the newbies, reluctantly, because I knew that I was fighting against losing the fan base (re why I released the handicap mod). After this I became a little bored of the game and I also had to give my time to other things such as starting a career (albeit a little late). I tried handing my mods over to others but unfortunately none of them took over my servers or my vision, due to a drop in player base.

    Since then I have had a full life, with a fiancÚ, a graduation in Civil & Structural Engineering, a new house, and my fiancÚ is pregnant with my first child; A boy.

    I just wanted to say a big thanks to the community of the Hidden Source, whether you were part of the Australia base or not, and relive a part of our lives and provide hopes to a game like this, so that another young guy might take the advantage and develop these small mods again, and eventually take my place in a similar community.

    Please give your stories surrounding this game over the years, I would Love to hear them!

    All my best,

    The fractal logo is fucking awesome and I was bad at picking talent before. Pretty sure that was reverse... Do tell me if I'm wrong...
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    I'm still alive!

    I played that game alooong time ago, about 10 to 15 years ago. Our community (Frenchie Fresh) even had some servers. Good times.
    I just relogged to the forum, seen that some friends want to replay the game

    Ah, and I recall we did some videos... (The video is here:

    forgot to talk about nowadays !
    Still in Switzerland, playing casual games (World of Tanks, Escape from Tarkov, Apex etc) and I work in Northwood studio that is developping SCP:Secret laboratory.
    I recently restarted to make some videos, and I think I'll make some Hidden source ones.

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