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Thread: Finally starting the semi-official (I know devs) Hidden Source Subreddit!

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    Default Finally starting the semi-official (I know devs) Hidden Source Subreddit!

    Last year was a bit hazy and stuff but now I'm finally going to start the Hidden Source subreddit I was talking about starting. I did talk to some of the devs about this and I don't remember if they were totally on board exactly but they knew about my proposition and didn't seem opposed so I'll count that as semi-official since I guess I'm one of the only long standing community members to make a subreddit about this game (maybe the only one). I still got to get my reddit account up to date since I guess there are restrictions for accounts that don't post that often on creating subreddits but still, it'll be up and running soon enough.

    In the subreddit I'll be doing everything from providing links to these forums and the official website to posting my own help threads for those who want to get started in the hidden but don't necessarily know where to start. I'll be linking server host providers that still host hidden source so that way new people can start their own servers and hopefully revive the community. I know everyone is super skeptical about this working to bring the game back but I might as well try and do something to help.

    So for anyone who still comes onto these forums I say to you: Look out for the soon to be Semi-Official Hidden: Source Subreddit!

    I'll be posting updates onto here as I get more info and eventually I'll post confirmation that the subreddit is live once I get it up and running.

    Thank you.

    *Edit* So I need to have 50-100 post karma to start a subreddit so it might take a little longer than expected but I'm sure no one is going anywhere... *crickets*
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