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Thread: New Hidden Map - hdn_basement (unrefined project)

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    Post New Hidden Map - hdn_basement (unrefined project)

    This map was one of my near complete projects that I started, I didn't upload it due to the fact that I believed the hidden would be dead soon so I thought there would be no need to put it up. The map itself is fairly complete it isn't balanced perfectly yet when I was making it I tried to make it even, it is textured to the best of my ability, it has cubemaps, props and hasn't been optimised. I am only uploading it because I don't believe I will work on it anymore as most of the problems have been fixed to the best of my ability, and because when I was testing it with others I had quite abit of fun. The map is my first map I have ever made, so it was very much a trial and error process of making it.

    It's set in a used underground storage enclosure with a (what I would like to call) industrial theme. It has equal opportunities for the hidden and the IRIS team, large open spaces and enclosed spaces that aren't small enough that it is too hard for the hidden to get them. All of the textures are using the textures supplied with the game since I have no artistic skills whatsoever.

    Map screenshots (Imgur) - Here
    Map download (MediaFire) - Here

    The map can be used by anyone, if there is any game breaking issues that need to be fixed feel free to tell me and I will try my best to make time to fix them.
    Have Fun! (That is if you use my ameteur map :P) I would love to hear everyones opinions on it good or bad.

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    i how ever am very glad that mediafire link still works! i will surely be adding your map to my public newyork USA server! if you can come check it out!! credentials are in my profile!
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