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Thread: New Players Please Read

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    Keith Guest

    Default New Players Please Read

    I doubt that anyone will actually read this before playing H-S for the first time but I'm fairly certain new and confused players will come to the forum asking the questions that everyone was too busy staying alive to answer In-Game for you.

    To those few of you who have yet to play H-S, welcome to one of the best HL2 mods currently playable. The back-story is on the main site and I suggest you read it if you have not done so already.

    The Lowdown: Hidden source is a "Mutant" type tactical squad shooter that utillizes a round based scoring and spawning system. A "Mutant" game is a game in which one player (the mutant) is pitted against all the other players. The mutant will often have several advantages over the other players in order to help them survive against the superior numbers of the non-mutant players. The mutant scores by killing the other players, the other players score by killing the mutant in addition, the individual who kills the mutant then respawns as the mutant and the game continues.

    Hidden-Source: The above description applies to H-S as well, the Hidden being the "mutant" and the marines being the non-mutant players. There are two types of marines: SMG marines and Shotgun marines. The things that set the Hidden apart from the marines are that instead of possesing a handgun and a SMG/Shotgun, the Hidden has a knife and 3 pipe bombs, as well as the abillity to pounce...... oh and he's "invisable" as well. Now before you go "How the F*** am I supposed to kill something that's invisable?!?", please
    observe that I said "invisable" and not invisable. I would describe the Hidden's invisabillity as similar to that of a Fox registered character, but if I so much as utter it's name on this forum H-S would run a huge risk of getting Foxed.
    So, now that you hopfully have an idea of what the game is about, you should be able to play. But before I finish up, I will show you how to see the Hidden, and I have a[IMG]ÿØÿà[/IMG] screen shot to help me.

    The Hidden is almost completely invisable when not moving, but when moving he is fairly visable, it will be easiest to spot the hidden while he is moving and you are not. If you move it will be much harder to see the Hidden whether he is moving or not. The best way to see if the hidden is nearby is to fire off a short burst of fire in the direction you thought you saw the hidden. Don't do this too often because is will waste ammo and makes it much harder to hear the Hidden's movements and attacks, new players probably shouldn't try to hunt by sound but it's best to be courtious to those who do. If one of your flushing shots hits the Hidden, he will release a spray of quite visible blood. The following screen shot shows the Hidden, it isn't that good but it's the best I've got
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    Price Guest


    and on German (the best i can do ):
    Meine "Kurze" Fassung auf deutsch :

    Arten der Teams:
    Es gibt 2 teams,
    #1 I.R.I.S. eine art Söldner
    #2der Hidden eine art Gen-experiement das ihn wie im Film "hollowman" fast unsichtbar machte, man sieht ledeglich einen hitzeshader/hitze welle.

    Inventar :

    Kommen wir wieder zu den marines, es gibt nur 2 marine klassen.
    #1 Maschinenpistole (p90) + Normale Handpistole
    #2 Schrotflinte + Normale Handpistole

    Der Hidden hat
    #1 Messer (primär und sekundär attacke wobei sekundär attacke 3 sekunden braucht aber der gegner ist eigentlich immer tot)
    #2 Drei Pipebomben eine art granaten (achtung die letzte ist fehler haft, also einfach werfen und nicht gedrückt halten!)
    #3 Hidden Pounce (damit kann er höher springen und vorallen weiter und schneller)

    Meine "detailierte" Fassung auf deutsch :

    Arten der Teams:
    Es gibt 2 teams, dass eine sind die I.R.I.S. eine art Söldner und der Hidden eine art Gen-experiement das ihn wie im Film "hollowman" fast unsichtbar machte nur das man einen leichten hitze-shader/welle sieht

    Am anfang der ersten runde wird gewürfelt wer Hidden ist.
    Der Marine der den hidden tötet wird nächste runde zum hidden.
    Es kann nur einen hidden geben
    Der Hidden hat in einer Runde bestimmte zeit (meistens 5 min) alle marines zu töten die sich gerade auf den server befinden.(durch einen bug ist es aber so das sobald mehr marines joinen das der hidden dann gewinnt wenn er vorher einige getötet hat)

    Inventar :

    Kommen wir wieder zu den marines, es gibt nur 2 marine klassen.
    Die erste Klasse besitzt eine Maschinen Pistole und eine normalen pistole.
    Die zweite Klasse besitzt eine Schrotflinte und ebenfalls eine normale pistole.
    Man hat nicht unbegrenzt muni daher sehr sparsam sein und darauf achten wann man nachlädt, der hidden ist nicht dumm (50 schuss hat die p90 wärend die Schrotflinte fast immer sofort schiessen kann.

    Der Hidden hat nur ein messer welches eine sekundär attacke besitzt die ca 3 sek dauert aber dann ist der genger meistens sofort tot.
    Zudem hat er 3 pipebomben (wobei es einen bug gibt das die letzte verschwindet wenn man zu lange den button gedrückt hält, also einfach die letzte werfen.)
    Ausserdem hat der Hidden eine art leap, dass heißt er kann hoch springen mit einer taste namens "hidden pounce".

    Das war es erstmal
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    Keith Guest


    Ya.... I could have made a German version too........ given about 5 or so hours to look up every other word for its translation

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    Here's another one close up the hidden is on the box directly in front of the camera.

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    #jj Guest


    and watch my video! it might help a newbie as a hidden
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    Price Guest


    here from the main site > media >
    HIDDEN :

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    oohh! me newb! downloading the mod at the moment, almost done.
    expect to see me playing soon

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    Faron Guest


    K but just one thing...don't think its boring because you get owned at start...once you get to play the game good you will like it.

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    to be honest, i ain't that good when it comes to MP games, cept RPG's. But i aint bothered if i get pwned like every 5 seconds, i'm just in for the fun i guess.

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    The Druid Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Price
    here from the main site > media >
    HIDDEN :
    That is a cool shot, i dont care what anyone says... Yes i took it, but its still ****in' cool!
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