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    Default Unused Sounds

    Browsing the H:S sounds folder i found files named

    IRIS-617radiotaunts01 - 08

    These are in the IRIS folder, I wonder what they are. They sound like Hidden taunts played through an IRIS radio. Will the hidden be able to hijack the IRIS radio at some point to play taunts to them? It perplexes me.

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    As the Hidden, kill an IRIS unit, grab their body and hold it, then use one of your taunts. I believe only "Fresh Meat" and "You're Next" work for it, but it will play it through their radio. It may be disabled on some servers, so don't be disheartened if it doesn't work the first time.
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    you'll need to find servers running the Radio Taunt plugin to get those sounds playing.

    A list of said servers can be found here
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