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Thread: worked then stopped working

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    ok so steam said they wont help...*sign*...before i go on i would like to say thank you for the help so far but i still have another problem. i went into the gameinfo and replaced the thing like you said but i still get the same problem. i click play and nothing. also what do you mean by compatible? and 1 last thing. have any other things i could try to fix it?

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    ok so i did what you said about changing it to 2007 instead of 2006. i did steamgameid thingy to 218 which is 2007 and then the toolid thingy is set to 211 and when i click play i see the main menu for half a second then it says could not load library content. any ideas?

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    As I said it probably wont work since th:s was built on sdk 2006.

    Ultimately, I'm very sorry, if the Source SDK Base 2006 doesn't launch then you are shit out of luck son.

    No body here really knows how to fix it. Valve (well Steam support at least) doesn't even know how to fix it.
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    Have you tried completely deleting Source SDK Base from the SteamApps/common folder and reinstalling?

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