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Thread: Lag from only Walking

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    Default Lag from only Walking

    I've seen a few issues with people having lag with mouse movements, but I have issues with lag when walking and IRIS member (Space bar) jumping. As the hidden I don't seem to have much issues using the hidden jump and hitting a knife slash. But I have issues when I walk or use space bar the screen seems to jitter like the character is just teleporting little increments instead of a smooth walking. I forwarded my ports for steam and valve games and didn't find it to fix. I get about 30-90ms for sever connections. I don't have issues with games like L4D2 or TF2. If I stand still I don't get any lag at all. So I tend to become a sentry gun while playing. It didn't used to be like this when I started playing, but coming back to the game I have experienced this.
    I also don't have any sweetpacks in my program list and I have done a full virus scan last week to be clean.

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    Is it the same thing if you "just" walk as Hidden?
    How does it feel exactly? Like you get 10 Fps?

    You should check you're Fps ingame.

    If you dont know how:

    Go to Steam Library -> right click Hidden Source -> Properties -> Set Launch Option -> Write in -console without Spacebar.
    Go Ingame press ESC -> Type in Console net_graph 1 -> Play

    Tell me if you get any Fps drops while this issue happens.

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    I get 100-200 fps standing and walking I get the same, if I have to say a number it would be in the high of that range staying close to 190fps. I did the offline training thing and I get no stuttering at all. So I assume it's internet/sever based problem.

    The confusing part is that no matter what ping I get from the sever it seems to not get any better or worse.
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