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Thread: problem with cubemaps

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    Default problem with cubemaps

    Im trying to build cubemaps for my map. It has worked before in previous versions of the map. I am using the same textures.
    heres what im doing:
    hdr on
    mat_specular 0
    build cubemaps(not in spectator)
    change map, reload map
    mat specular 1
    change map
    hdr off
    mat specular 0
    change map
    mat specular 1
    build cubemaps

    when i first load the map everything is white

    when i build cubemaps I get this:

    everything on ground level is a reflective texture accept the main walls

    this is my vmf for the texture

     "$baseTexture" "metal/cleanmetal"
     "$bumpmap" "metal/cleanmetal_env"
     "$envmap" "env_cubemap"
     "$envmaptint" "[ .3 .3 .45 ]"
     "$normalmapalphaenvmapmask" "1"
    The only lights used are the neon strips around the bottom and around platforms

    Here is the location of my cubemaps. They are all at eye level. Im not sure if i placed them correctly

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