I've played on HDN_Seamadness for quite a while, and over that time I have found several errors and things I would love to change. So I did.

Download Link

Video detailing what I changed:

Original author is Veon, thread not available.

Changes made:

  • Aesthetic Changes (Blood stains, hazmat men, dock and boat, mattress)
  • 2 more cameras to cover more of the map
  • Added Jimmy
  • Moved door away from exit of the small building
  • Ledge goes all the way around the map now
  • Fixed (most) rail collision boxes so that you do not get stuck under them as often
  • Stairs are now smoothed so you can pounce and jump up them without getting clipped
  • Moved barricades so that they cover a fall hazard more efficiently
  • Added a barricade for my own fall hazard
  • Cargo container is static to prevent glitching from moving on top of a physics prop
  • Hidden spawn moved away from a ledge to prevent accidental running off