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    Hello there,

    First of all I am a big supporter of this mod which would love to support this community from my side when ever it is possible, I have brought up Hidden: Source towards my volunteer job at We want to host and support this mod and hopefully bring up some better future for this mod and bring up some more possibilities for the developers of Hidden Source. As a hosting company we offer 3 public servers at the moment for this great game which are publicly available for every one for the community and we will attempt to bring in some more support and life into this great mod.

    Our publics:
    [NL] :: Hidden #1 :: All Maps :: HlstatsX (,
    [NL] :: Hidden #2 :: Mixed Maps :: HlstatsX (,
    [NL] :: Hidden #3 :: All Maps :: HlstatsX (,

    If you are interested in ordering a hidden server for your self without too much hassle we can provide that trough our website game is filed under 'The Hidden - Source' not under 'Hidden source'

    If this post is against the rules, a moderator or administrator is allowed to edit this topic to their demands and notify me by mail or pm.

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    Not against the rules, just in the wrong forum
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