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Thread: HL2.EXE has stopped working FIX!

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    ratchetclan4 Guest

    Red face HL2.EXE has stopped working FIX!

    After many hours spend searching for a fix i have now found one.

    Download Source SDK 2006
    Download XNA Distributable

    Your hidden should now work.

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    ratchetclan4 Guest


    If your hidden does not work after installing both source sdk 2006 and XNA then follow these steps.
    1: Right click hidden source in your steam games
    2:Left click properties
    3:Left click set launch options
    4:type -autoconfig
    5ress ok
    6ress close
    7:run the game

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    ratchetclan4 Guest


    if all of the above do not work then try installing
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

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