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    I have followed the guild on how to create a server in The Hidden: Source for windows, and it all went well till I got to the end on when I made the server. To me it didn't look like it was functioning properly and I dont know what is the problem, or I don't know what to do. This link shows the command promt -> error.jpg I also tried starting a server without using the console command, and this time it says the "srcds.exe has stopped working" and doesnt tell me whats wrong. I would like some assistance in the matter. I would to play this game with my friends

    I would provide anything to assist of this matter.

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    make sure you've specified a +map hdn_docks or something in your server's command line.

    you should be able to connect to the server locally using the iport of however I'm going to go out on a limb and assume you've not set up port forwarding correctly.

    You need to edit your computer and router's settings to...
    1. have a static IP address for your computer. Either set on the computer or reserved for your computer only in the router DHCP reservations area.
    2. have port 27015 forwarded to whatever IP your internal computer uses. If you do not have a reserved ip address (from the router) or a manually set ip address (on the computer) then your router will likely discard any requests for destined for the given computer's ip. it MUST be a static IP.
    3. there is a step by step guide for setting up a server at Pick your router make & mode, pick your application (Half-Life 2 server) and follow the steps... Keep in mind that the IP addresses etc used are examples only and may not match your exact setup.
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