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Thread: Cant launch the game

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    Default Cant launch the game

    Ok so i know this is gonna sound very noobish, and i apologize if theres already a thread for this, but I cant launch the game in steam. I bought half-life 2 and downloaded the installer for the hidden. It shows up on my steam account, but when i go to click play it wont launch the game. Can someone please help me out here.

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    You need Source SDK Base 2006 installed.

    Added by Paegus:
    ...from Steam > Tools section.

    You must also be able to run the Source SDK Base 2006 engine demo.

    If you cannot play the 2006 Lost Coast tech demo then I'm afraid your issue is solely with this 'tool'.

    If deleting both the local game content for the sdk2k6 base and the ../steam/steamapps/ACCOUNT/source sdk base 2006/ folder and restarting doesn't fix it then please contact steam support.

    If they manage to resolve the issue, please, please, please post the answer below.

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    I have made a few screenshots to show where and how you can access your tools and install the required Source SDK engine.

    The Where:

    The How:

    This is all done from starting at the Steam library.

    EDIT: To clarify in case you somehow are confused as to which engine is being pointed at (the arrow obscured it, my error)
    You will need to install Source SDK 2006
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    Please reply to this thread
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