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    Hey everyone! I've found a way that you can run The Hidden: Source on Mac OS X without any lag and *almost* no problems!
    For this tutorial you will need some files/software

    I am not responsible for any harm or side-effects this guide has on your computer.
    I am also sorry that I suck at writing guides and I will also answer any questions you have.

    You need to install Wineskin in order to continue

    First you want to open Wineskin Winery and download the latest Wineskin engine.

    Afterwards you want to click "Create New Blank Wrapper"
    You can name the app whatever you want, so I'm going to call it "The-Hidden"

    When prompted to install "Mono" just click cancel. We do not need to install this.

    After doing a bit of loading, you should be prompted with dialog. You want to click "View wrapper in Finder"


    Now you want to click on your newly created app and select "Show Package Content"
    Inside you want to open and click "Install Software" and "Choose Setup Executable"
    You then want to navigate to the Steam installer you downloaded and run that. Act like it is a normal install because it will go as one.

    Eventually your app will crash and you will be asked to select a executable. You want to take the dropdown menu and select "/Program Files/Steam/Steam.exe"
    You then want to navigate back and open up the main app. You will be prompted with the Steam "updating" dialog and eventually a blank Steam login screen.

    You can now quit out of your application

    If you still have the running from your app directory, switch to that. If it is not running you can navigate back and open it again.

    You should now select "Advanced".
    Enter into the "EXE Flags" "-no-dwrite"
    Now you should now "Test Run"

    Login to Steam with your normal username and password and select "Remember Password"

    You can now quit your app and go back to Wineskin.

    Once in Wineskin select "Install Software" and open "The Hidden" installer.
    Continue the installation of The Hidden as if it was on a normal computer.
    After installing you will be promted with an error dialog like this:

    it is completely normal dismiss it.

    Now that The Hidden is installed, reopen your app. It should launch Steam like normal.
    You now want to install Source SDK Base 2006. It should be located under Library -> Tools

    After installing Source SDK Base 2006, you should be able to go to library and launch The Hidden!

    If you want to have The Hidden launch everytime you open the app you need to go back into Wineskin and goto Advanced.
    You want to goto the EXE Flags and add
    -applaunch 215 -game "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\sourcemods\hidden"
    When you launch the .app now The Hidden should automatically launch!

    Q: When I quit The Hidden the screen turns black.
    A: This is normal and show go away after a few seconds. As far as I know there is no fix. If it doesn't go away after a few seconds trying hitting CMD+Tab then right click the application and click "quit".

    Things to try to fix problems:
    1. Restart The Hidden
    2. Check if Steam is running on your computer.
    3. Restart your computer.
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