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Thread: Keep losing connection to servers

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    Default Keep losing connection to servers

    Hi everybody,

    I have this problem, that everytime I connect with a server, I can play for +- 5 minutes and than I lose connection. Can't find any error messages, just: connection to server timed out.
    But the strange thing is that I don't lose internet connectivity. It is also possible to join a server right after I lost connection.
    I was able to play a couple of days ago without a problem.

    Tried searching on the internet, but I couldn't find anything that could help me solve the problem.
    I also reinstalled the mod, but that didn't help.

    Hopefully you can help me with this problem, because I really like the game and I want to play it without the network issues.

    With kind regards,

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    Timing out normally means that the server didn't get a response from the client fast enough - This means that you have too much lag.

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    Or that the server is crashing.

    "The enemy gate is down"

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