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    Server List:

    Server rules:
    • No trolling, griefing, and/or other forms of intimidating behavior. Players found refusing to cease behavior which may be found irritating by others, following a request made by those individuals will undergo corrective action (this includes vocal spam).
    • No individual shall be permitted to partake in purposeful activities which may impose negative consequences onto one's own team. All actions seen to create such a result will be deemed as "team-vandalism". Such activities may include (but are not limited to):
      • Team-Killing
      • Suicidal tendencies
    • Usage of glitches, and/or 3rd party software to one's advantage is bannable.
    • Misinformation on a ban protest or submission will now constitute a non-negotiable permanent ban.
      • Filing reports against players must be accompanied by adequate evidence: either a screenshot which portrays indecent behavior and/or a demo.
    • Barring individuals off the server will result in a permanent non-negotiable ban.
    • Vote-kicking for reasons not deemed plausible (such as vote-kicking to make room for your friend) will result in admin intervention.
    • Vote-spam will not to be tolerated; and will be considered as a form of harassment.
    • Although you are free to converse in any language, you are required to speak English when asked to do so by either: an Admin, or a team member

    We are still in the process of ironing out a few kinks and the server remains a beta project. Should interest in the server rise, we will allocate more resources into starting additional servers.
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