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Thread: Return of the original Fractal (Australian community)

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    Default Return of the original Fractal (Australian community)

    G'day guys,

    Due to the recent influx of players from recent media exposure and after having a quick look at the server list I was wondering what the demand was like for a return of the Australian Hidden:Source community. For those of you who wern't around when Fractal was, heres a brief rundown of what my server offered.
    -Ran all the best plugins made available
    -Ran exclusive plugins that I created (only the most basic versions I made public) These plugins included
    • A comprehensive ranking plugin to see who the best overall, IRIS and hidden players are. At the end of each month 'trophies' are awarded to the champions of that month
    • Integrated rank plugin to award certain visuals to happen when a champion was finally killed as hidden
    • Comprehensive handicap system that let both IRIS and hidden players handicap themselves with fun\challenging things
    • A few balance adjustments to help prevent only the best players from using cheap strategies
    • Voice management system that allowed alltalk but only let the higher ranked players (who are more respected) talk to IRIS when dead (to prevent ghosting)
    • Sonic trip alarms are only triggered by the hidden and IRIS have the ability to turn sonic trip alarms into trip mines (as support class) that are only set off by the hidden. These mines have had a lot of time put into them to maintain balance (ie best used to just hurt the hidden or to deny an area), also the hidden can use physobjects to set these off and hurt IRIS players.
    • And more
    -Pigshove plugin enabled -Had frequent admins -A good map rotation -Team damage punishment and votekick
    I was thinking if there were enough Aussies who were keen I would start up my server again, the only difference being that I would have a larger budget for a faster server. But first things first, hopefully on here I can find out where most of the interested players are located. Please use the poll above if you are keen. Hopefully due to the influx of activity this server will be well placed for an update to hidden:source :)

    PS i know i spelled fractal wrong in the poll >:|
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    Would appreciate some comments too gentlemen

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    Well Mentlegen, I believe this server will up and go for fractal and has friends and lots fun.

    As a person who like teh hiddun, and have fun rape n stuff, I do thinks this idea is grant.

    Bet Regrd

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    you're a retard mate lol :P

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    Well you wanted comments.

    I fear you wont get much out of the forums as the majority of browsers are either euro or state side.

    /votes for new zealand based server!
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    lol looks like someone liked my idea of the Australian community coming back, theres now 7 aus servers

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    ooh mah favorite servers back then!
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    my day was made for a week when i saw this
    its not about the body count
    they just need to freak the hell out

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