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Thread: Mapping Questions for H:S

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    Post Mapping Questions for H:S

    Is it just me or do all of the mapping resources on this forum seem quite "old"?

    I was just wondering what is different mapping for H:S as opposed to mapping for HL2DM, CS:S or Garry's Mod.

    What key entities should I make sure I have in my map? Are there things to avoid? Things I should never forget?

    I've got quite a bit of experience with mapping in hammer so treat me like a veteran.

    I'd be very appreciative if someone could provide me with a decent tutorial on mapping for this, or at least some tips to get me started.

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    It covers all the entities you need and some useful tips.

    Always include at least one info_spectator, believe 4b will crash without one being present (sorry).

    "The enemy gate is down"

    The Hidden - Source
    Calibre Studios
    Developicus Videogameos (Dev Blog)

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