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Thread: Expansion on "How to PLAY Hidden: Source"

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    Exclamation Expansion on "How to PLAY Hidden: Source"

    I made a post quite some time ago on a thread about "keeping the game fresh" saying,

    "I feel that as the hidden, I'm not there to kill them (though everyone else does the opposite), im there to SCARE them.
    Unlike most other players, I honestly don't care about my kill/ death ratio. I feel the necessity to "toy" with them. Instead of rushing in and immediately killing them all, I prefer to jump in slash, maybe even taunt as im right next to them, then jump away. This leaves them pondering where I am, and if I'm going to kill them. Since most hidden players would just kill them, and stain every wall nearby with their blood, they usually freak out, and spin around, searching for me, rapidly shooting in mid air. It is rather fun to watch them. I do prefer not to phys-kill, for it is rather slow and not horrifying. What I do, as a perfect example on hdn_stalkyard, in the box room, I would hide in one of the hallways using my aura vision thing, or whatever its called, waiting for them to approach near, and just throw the boxes out, right in front, or behind them. This usually gives a... Horror, feel to the game.
    I like to say this is more of a horror game than a Action game, and unlike the other COD infested ripoff-seas of gaming, you actually have to pace yourself without popping someones face straight back to the back of their head with a .50 cal, or whatever. It sure is harder, but it's much more fun for everyone."

    Or for you lazy people who don't have so large of an attention span to read it all,

    "You have to scare people to make it fun, because it is a horror game."

    I'm going to be expanding on that here.




    1. Stalking: Stalk the I.R.I.S. members. Run in front of them using the middle mouse, they should open fire out of fear, so it is necessary to get out fast, to save your skin. Walk behind them and hit them with your knife before jumping away. Throw objects at them from a distance, not directly at them, but near them. You could also just move objects in general, like pushing barrels of ledges, making crates fall down, or even making barrels roll down areas.

    2. Taunting: Use goddamn taunts. They were implanted for a reason, to intimidate your opponent. I usually hide above or near them, taunt then run away after taunt is finished. A good combination of this is with stalking, IE. walking behind them, saying "TURN AROUND...", normal hitting them, then running off. Nothing scares you more than learning danger is near, and has began to strike, but then backed off.

    3. Killing I.R.I.S. agents: It is o.k. to kill the agents, which may go against what Ive been saying in the previous two steps. Killing makes a player sit out of the game, and as the hidden, killing the agents is a simple task, so it is only truly fun for you, and not the people who sit out. If you do kill someone, speed up the previous processes, a player is losing interest in the game, sitting there watching the others have "fun", so speeding up the process allows them to see how you are acting as a hidden, in interesting, scary ways. This also implies a dramatic irony to the situation as well. After a successful kill, do not hesitate to ignore the body (besides its use for health), pick up bodies, and pin them to walls in tunnels, ceilings in open areas, somewhere it is to be noticed. This can provoke fear in the remaining agents.

    4. Against the rebels: If you do end up playing against people who do the opposite of these rules, it is unacceptable to act like them, no matter how much they "own" you. You can avoid these rules and make the game less fun and win (maybe), or provide more fun for the game, and a surprising thrill for yourself and lose (again... maybe).

    5. Offense: The knife is a major weapon in startling your opponents. Using the main knife attack startles them, without killing them. Pig-Sticking, is what would be a last minute, tactic, or for when you attack the agents in groups. It may cause chaos, and fear throughout the group. The grenades, like pig-sticking, are more for killing, and separation of groups of agents. Tossing a Grenade into a large group of the agents causes mass confusion, randomized firing, panic among the agents, and maybe even a kill or two.

    I.R.I.S. agents

    1. Camping: A major no-no in Hidden. Tactical Suppressed Camping, a yes and or no. You want to NOT CAMP as an I.R.I.S. agent, but TSC (Tactical Suppressed Camping). TSC is camping in a certain spot for as long as several seconds, then move, move around aimlessly, or find a new location at a different location. TSC is camping but with a "fairness" for the Hidden as well as the I.R.I.S. agents. Wandering around the map is also acceptable. In general don't attempt to give the I.R.I.S. an unfair advantage.

    2. Weapon Choice: Check out my new weapon, weapon of choi- err... nevermind. Weapon choice doesn't matter, but it's how you use it. I prefer to use the smg or assault rifle, both a fair, evened out weapon. The shotgun, and or lethal launcher on the other hand, is often called cheap, gay, and other terms. They are none of this. The person using it... When I use my weapons I generally try to aim for the hidden, but a part of me also avoids hitting the hidden. I'm not saying to not use your weapons against the hidden, I'm saying to use weapons reasonably, don't spam shotgun (lethal launcher) shells (darts) at the hidden. Fire your weapon, wait a second, aim near the hidden then, fire, wait, and so on. Firing near the hidden but not directly hitting it also can provide an unexpected "Scare Factor" for the hidden.

    3. Groups: Groups are sort of iffy in my opinion, they are an easy way to overpower the hidden, but also the hidden can throw a grenade, or pig-stick a member, to scare the cluster of agents. I have no opinion for groups, it is mostly situational.

    4. Role playin' mofo: If a invisible creature that was similar to a human, with a rag over its face, and wielding explosive grenades, and a sharp knife, that had a strong taste for human flesh, came to an area, and you were an I.R.I.S. agent who had to deal with the creature, how would you feel about it? Scared? Ready for the worst? A need for others? Then act that way. Do a bit of Role-playing with your character, don't immediately rush out and start open firing, act how you think they would act in that situation.

    List and post may be subject to change.
    Feedback is appreciated.

    Hopefully you may take in these things, and at least try to change how you play, to a more thrilling and enjoyable for all game, of Hidden.
    That's all I have to say, I hope to play with some of you in a distant future, peace

    -Water out

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    I like this, has really good points.
    This game takes a certain type of person to enjoy it, you need to have patience and understand that making the game more diffuicut for yourself can be just as fun and even more fun that killing every person on the server.
    Multiplayer games like CoD have conditioned a lot of people to the 3 shot kill, face paced, run around like a fool shooting anyone you see so you get points. Hidden is different, subject 617 is stronger than one person because he has to fight 9 at a time and still be able to have a chance at winning. It's that fact that a lot of people can't grasp, the fact that people want to have the option to have thermal goggles proves my point.
    You will always get the people who as I.R.I.S. will shotgun camp in unfair spots and they won't see anything wrong with that becuase they will think that the hidden is over powered or as hidden will single nade people or triple slice AFKs.
    I feel that when you find a person who does that, he is ruining the game for everyone else and it's up to you but personaly I like to ask them to stop and if they don't I kill them first every round. It's hard to tell someone to play in a way that is more fair for the other team but hidden is a unique game and calls for a unique style of play.

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    How come no one elser ever had this idea?

    Quote Originally Posted by QReaper View Post
    You are one sick (albeit ass kicking) bastard, you know that?

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    Traditional pig-stickery is an endangered species. The next iteration will see it as more of the shove or punt action... as is present on some servers already.

    The horror factor of the game has a certain half-life for players. Any seasoned player will not be as prone to freaking out much when toyed with, grenaded, pig-stuck or triple-slashed. They might whine about the latters but they certainly wont freak out. If a hidden tries to toy with said seasoned player, they're going to either have to bring some serious game to the table or resign themselves to a short un-fun round.

    For the rest of them the fear of a sudden death has to come from somewhere. If everyone plays for the scare-factor then players will get used to it. You'll need to allow for some players to be less fun-for-others in order to enhance the experience they'll get under your... err... tutelage.

    Those points said, I would love for some sort of contextual point system and possible IRIS effects that promotes scaring as a viable alternative to slaughter. For example taunting within a range of a number of IRIS nets you some points. 1 IRIS within 10 meters... sod all points. On the outskirts of a group of 3, a nice wee bundle of points. From the centre of a mob 5 gets a relative boatload.
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    I smell achievements :-P

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    It bothers me that how people play hidden source in present time
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    You mean like glitching your name so it shows "unconnected" so that nobody is able to find you in the player list and mute you if they do not desire to listen to your Arnold sound board basically forcing your faggotry to everyone present on the server? Ohoh that's right you already do that.
    I lots of lost the idea of behind these forum when because i not could understood the everything that said was here... (Grammatical skills, because it is something we should all possess.)

    - Well you mite not be hacking cus i was right infront of you several tiems and you didn't always c me, but mabe you have altered your textures to see the hidden better? - Bananenbrei, failing to understand that the hidden uses a shader instead of a texture...

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    No! The another one
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