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Thread: Custom Map: hdn_hillchurch

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    Default Custom Map: hdn_hillchurch

    Hi folks,

    I'm working on a custom map for Hidden. It's a small map, ideal for 1v4 play, but it supports the maximum recommended 1v8 capacity.

    Hillchurch is a standard-play map based on a peninsula leading up a hill to a church, set in the blue-ish darkness of late evening. I've tried to do something a little different to the existing Hidden maps so it's very open and has a lot of foliage to hide in. Torchlights/flashlights and even light enhancement goggles are worthwhile options on this map. I wanted to provide a reason for people to try other setups instead of just using laser dot aim every time.

    Like I said, it is a small map. This is my first Hidden map so I didnt want to be too ambitious. The open-terrain style serves well as a general prototype for future maps which, of course, will be bigger and more detailed. I already have other ideas ready to put into action, based on the feedback for this map.

    The map is coming along nicely and the first alpha version should be ready for playtesting this weekend. It is being tested extensively with bots every step of the way, but no map is truly 'tested' before it's given a run in multiplayer.

    -- Would anyone be willing to run the first alpha version on their server rotation once it's ready?
    -- On that note, is there anyone that regularly runs custom maps on their servers?

    (I will provide screenshots ASAP and a download link as soon as the first playteastable version is ready.)

    Many thanks,
    Last edited by rwp80; 17th November 2009 at 18:26. Reason: Added a written description of the map. Screenshots coming soon!

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    The Super Server is always up for testing maps!

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    FrenchieFresh server will run it. (even if random playesr goes on random servers o0)

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    Onikage Guest


    Shoot me with pm, and give your steam name so I'll add you, if you are interested in playtester/mapper who can give you constructive critisism. I have made several maps for the hidden and have experience what people usually likes/dislikes in maps. I don't know how experienced mapper you are so I'm not going to give any real tips yet.

    I like how you are trying something diffrent. It is allways fun to see diffrent settings.

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    rwp80 Guest


    Hi folks,

    Thanks for the offers and replies - They're really good motivators to get things done!

    Unfortunately It will probably be another week before I have anything playable ready to upload. I've been studying all of this week but I had my last exam on Friday so hopefully now I will have time to work on the map more.

    I've taken some screenshots (see attachments) to give a basic view of what the map looks like at this stage in development.
    Take note:
    • The church is unfinished. Lots of work still to do there.
    • No foliage has been added in yet. There will be plenty - right now the map looks 'naked'.
    • The lighting is brighter than I intended.
    • No objects have been placed in yet. The church will have stuff inside plus the outside will have gravestones and rocks.
    • The wall around the church hill presents a gameplay problem: It's too easy for IRIS to camp behind the wall. I will probably break the wall up into small parts or remove it altogether.

    Hope this satisfies curious minds at least for a little while!

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    Those extra stretched textures on the windows, you're not keeping those are you?

    Im hoping your brushwork isnt what you'd call complete.

    Seems like it could make a decent map, you just have a basic layout right now though.

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