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Thread: What version of HL:2 ?

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    Default What version of HL:2 ?

    A while back I stopped playing H:S because my computer sucked and it crashed for me all the time.

    I got a new one now and want to start playing again, since it's so awesome and a nice 'mini-game' to relax with if you get bored with something else ;p

    So here I am, downloading the mod and I realize that I have to download HL2 too. Personally I'd like to DL the deathmatch version, since I completed the campaign a lon time ago. I rememeber there was a complication with using the deathmatch version though, but the search function is not working for me properly on these forums (telling me the image code is wrong every time).

    I can't remember the problem with using HL2: DM instead of the campaign version for installing H:S. Enlighten me please!

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    You need a game which enables source sdk base, so hl2 deathmatch is enough to play hidden!

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    You don't need to even have HL2 (or HL2 DM) installed on your machine to play, you'll need to have access to the Source SDK Base (which you will if own you HL2) - best bet is to download that via the tools section of steam.

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    and if you forgot to install that, trying to run Hidden:Source results in an automatic installation of Source SDK Base without any prompt

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    It's fine to use HL2DM, assuming you bought it, and not just got the free Nvidia/Ati version.

    it's only like 1 for the next few hours anyway.

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