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Thread: phys_motor doest work well

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    Dottarn Guest

    Default phys_motor doest work well


    i have done a map for Hidden Source and i would like to make a car spin around. I managed to make a barrel spin around somehow with phys_motor.
    The barrel didnt work at the begining either but it started to work somehow.
    But now my car wont work.

    I place the car in the air. Place Phys_motor in it and attach it to the car. The cars name is car1. I can see the car spinning ingame while i am spectator. But when i am gonna play the car is gonne!?

    why is that?
    i have checked my old spinningbarrel and the settings are the same exept the name. Soo i dont understand.

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    it probably fell out of the map.

    any console errors?
    what kind of prop is the car?
    what texture is the attached func_physbox?
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    Dottarn Guest


    i do not get any console errors.
    the car is prop_physics_multiplayer
    my working barrel is the same

    i do not use any func_physbox
    only phys_motor and prop

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    Dottarn Guest


    I tried to copy my working barrel and changed the item to a car and it works now. Dont know why though...

    With that problem solved i was wondering if it is possible to make a opening in a wall that no one can see but it is still there.. i want a little secret room for the hidden to hide and eat.


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    func_door with the "passable" flag set?

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    Dottarn Guest


    thanks! works great!

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    Dottarn Guest


    ok another problem now! hopefully my last one...

    i try to add the jimmy.mdl as a prop_physics_multiplayer like my throwable barrels.. i can see the prop on my map but i cant pick it up!
    and when i dmg it, it vanish. i cant even move it.. i am walking right through it.

    thanks yet again!

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    Conroy Guest


    just use prop_physics instead

    think paeg, phaed, bio and all the other experts will be able to give you the special reason why prop_physics_multiplayer doesnt work for the jimmy model ^^

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    Dottarn Guest



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